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Brush Hogging Services

For over 15 years, Prox Lawn Care Inc has put your satisfaction above anything else. Our services reflect our commitment and dedication to our love of nature and the maintenance of land for the betterment of the environment. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Since 1999, Prox Lawn Care Inc has been providing top-quality lawn and grounds maintenance to the residents of Terre Haute, Indiana and surrounding communities. Call today and see the difference!

Call us to clear your tall brush and grass:

Keep Your Fields and Land Clear of Brush

Prox Lawn Care Inc of Terre Haute, IN can ensure that your fields and tall grass areas are mowed and cleaned up when you need it. They have the equipment and experience to clear tall grass and brush from your land with ease.


Don't struggle trying to mow your brush and tall grass on your own. Call the pros at Prox Lawn Care Inc to complete your brush hogging project quickly and efficiently.

  • Ditches

  • Fields

  • Back lots

  • Empty lots

  • Adjacent fields

  • Tall grass removal

  • Brush clean-up

  • Seasonal clean-up

  • Dense vegetation removal

  • Friendly and efficient

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